About Us

Bray's West Coast Tapas and Wine Bar is not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of a family heritage deeply intertwined with the history of Victoria, BC. The Bray family's connection to this vibrant city spans generations, dating back to the early days of settlement.

Story Behind the Name

The story begins with Richard Bray, a man with an adventurous spirit who left his home in County of Cornwall, England and arrived in Victoria in 1882. With determination and a keen entrepreneurial mindset, Richard embarked on his journey in the city as a hack driver in downtown Victoria. However, his ambition led him to seize a remarkable opportunity.

Richard Bray soon acquired the former 'Bunster's (or Leahy) Brewery' building, located at 728 Johnson St, Victoria. Through his vision and hard work, he transformed it into a thriving livery stables business. In the basement, he housed up to 100 horses, while the ground floor served as a space for hacks, carriages, and winter-time sleighs, also known as 'cutters.' This marked the beginning of a remarkable legacy.

Adjacent to the livery stables, the Bray family resided in a charming two-story house. Richard's wife, Mary, hailed from the Black family, born on View St and descended from the pioneer Munro family of James Island. Their deep roots in the local community became an integral part of their identity.

Around 1900, Richard Bray expanded his ventures and began operating what eventually became part of the famous "Tally Ho's" sightseeing carriages.

Known as "R. Bray. Livery, Hack, Boarding, and Sales Stables," their business became synonymous with quality service and reliable transportation in Victoria.

In the 1930s, Richard’s sons, Edward and William, converted the company into a successful trucking company that continued to operate in Victoria until the late end of the century.

QuotesToday, as the proud owners of Bray's West Coast Tapas and Wine Bar, the Bray family continues their legacy in Victoria.

Inspired by their predecessors' entrepreneurial spirit and deep connection to the city, they strive to create a dining experience that reflects the rich culinary heritage of the West Coast.

By combining the best local ingredients, flavors, and wines, Bray's invites you to not only savor the present but also to be a part of a story that has been woven into Victoria's history for generations.

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