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Bray's West Coast Tapas and Wine Bar is not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of a family heritage deeply intertwined with the history of Victoria, BC. The Bray family's connection to this vibrant city spans generations, dating back to the early days of settlement.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2024

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Brays! We’d love to host your love, $50 for a fabulous optional wine pairing.

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QuotesToday, as the proud owners of Bray's West Coast Tapas and Wine Bar, the Bray family continues their legacy in Victoria.

Inspired by their predecessors' entrepreneurial spirit and deep connection to the city, they strive to create a dining experience that reflects the rich culinary heritage of the West Coast.

By combining the best local ingredients, flavors, and wines, Bray's invites you to not only savor the present but also to be a part of a story that has been woven into Victoria's history for generations.

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